Vacation Rentals in Exuma

Our Top 10 Destination Recommendations

Here are our favourite things to see and do in Exuma.
Some are well know, some not so well known. Have a look around as we have included photos, videos, information and links.
They are in no particular order.

1. Our Beaches

Exuma has been  blessed with many bays and beaches, each with soft golden sand  scattered along the shoreline.

Most have shallow Ocean water making them safe for swimmers of all ages. Summer water temperatures reach into the eighties. 
Chances are that yours will be the only footprints you will see.

Because our famous beaches range the length of both Great Exuma and Little Exuma, a distance of more than 70 miles, we do recommend that visitors rent either a car, or  for the more adventurous, a scooter.

2. Dining Out

Exuma has a wide selection of options for your culinary delights. We have beach bars with beautiful views. We have gourmet establishments offering full silver service. Whatever your taste, whatever your budget, there is a location to cater to your needs.

We recommend you spend a lunchtime tucking into a freshly caught and cooked lobster while looking out on a soft sand beach listening to the ocean gently lapping on the shore.

3. Rent a Boat

Boat rental can be divided into two categories. There are boats for rent in the 17ft to 20ft range that you skipper and explore the large expanse of Elizabeth Harbour, a trip that is thoroughly recommended

Then there is the 25ft to 30ft yacht that you can rent with an experienced and knowledgeable skipper, for trips further afield.

We recommend you spend one day at least renting a self drive Boston Whaler from Minns Water Sports and explore the vast area of Elizabeth Harbour, visit the snorkel spots at the reefs, walk the shallows and find sand dollars, lunch at Chat N Chill, and relax.

For a day out to remember rent an offshore yacht with a skipper and get him to show you Sandy Cay or explore the marine reserve on Moriah Harbour Cay.

4. Swimming Pigs Trip

What started out as a routine boat trip has turned into a international phenomenon.
Most visitors to Exuma now include the famous all day boat trip through the Cays with visits to see and feed the swimming pigs, to see and feed the Exuma iguanas, swim with Nurse Sharks and explore Thunderball Cave.

There are full day trips or half day trips and there are several companies to choose from.
Take a thin jacket or wind proof coat as you will be swimming in warm water and then getting into the boat and as you head to your next destination, at speed, it will feel cold until you dry. 

5. Kayaking

Some rental properties will include kayaks but if not there are providers who will rent them.
Kayaking is a relaxing and rewarding way of exploring the shoreline and visiting offshore deserted islands.

6. Snorkeling

Because Exuma has crystal clear waters, on a calm day you can snorkel the coral areas and the reefs and see the many types of fish, both large and small, that inhabit these areas.
From turtles to dolphins, from rays to baby sharks, they are all here.

7. Scuba Diving

Dive Exuma are waiting for you call. They have been taking divers for some years now, and they know where the best locations for the dive that interests you. Be it wall dive, wreck dive or exploring a blue hole, they are all available. Where would you rather learn to dive ? In warm clear waters? Get your PADI certification with Exuma Dive.

8. Rent a Jetski

You can sign up for guided jet ski tours while in Exuma. Follow the coastline and spend some time by a sandbar. During your trip you may be lucky to have a pod of dolphins accompany you.

9. Fishing

If you are an angler then Exuma is your paradise. You can wade the shallow waters of the flats and search for theelusive silver bullets as bonefish are called. They are difficult to see in the shimmering waters, and very skittish so you need skill to hook them. Once on the line be prepared for an epic tussle !  It is catch and release with bonefish.
If you watch to fish for your dinner that is possible. you can fish from the shore, from a kayak or a boat or the bridge that joins Exuma to Little Exuma. With luck you will get snapper, permit, or another delectable meal.

10. Beach Wedding

Imagine getting married on a warm sunny each with the water lapping at your feet. A beach wedding can be a reality and it can be organized when you are on island.

After you have been on island for 24 hours you need to obtain a licence from the Administrators office in George Town. You will need to produce passports and evidence of any previous divorce.
Then arrange for The Administrator or a priest or someone with a license to marry you in The Bahamas. 
You then need 2 witnesses and choose you beach… Thats it!    Congratulations

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