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SNORKELING: The clear warm waters around our islands are the perfect location to enjoy some snorkeling. Bring your facemask, ask where the reefs are, and look for your grouper, or lobster.
Exuma Water Sports
WAVERUNNER SAFARIS:Exuma Water Sports Center is based in Barreterre at the Western end of Great Exuma. They will provide the waverunner for you to enjoy the thrill of driving on a spectacular 30 mile, 2 hour tour on the Worlds most pristine seas. Book at 357 0770
SHELLING. while you walk the soft sand beaches keep your eyes on the high water mark and on your lucky day you will find the shell of your dreams. get some exercise, enjoy the sounds of the surf, get a tan and find those shells, sand dollars and sea beans.
SPEARFISHING.If you want to catch your own lobster for dinner, there are boat owners who will take you to the reefs where you can try your skill with a Hawihian spear. Powered spearguns are not permitted. You usually find them under the overhangs and in the holes.
NATURE WALKS. There are a series of nature trails on Stocking Island. Where the various trees and plants are labelled. Tie this in with a visit to one of the several restaurants and a walk on the Atlantic Beach with th rock pools and soft sand beaches.
TENNIS: Bring your racquet for a game at either February Point or at a court between the airport and George Town.
beach volleyball
VOLLEYBALL Every afternoon there is action on one of the three volleyball courts behind Chat N Chill on Stocking Island. In high season there are different standards of play on different courts. So visitors of all standards are welcome for a workout.
La Shante
EAT DRINK & BE MERRY.Of course nobody says you have to do anything. You could just sit in one of our many restaurants, admire the sentational view, and enjoy a cold beer and local caught catch of the day.
Spa Treatment
SPA TREATMENT Does a massage appeal to you? Just a facial or the works. Or you can have a wax treatment. Or a more basic nail treatment. All can be achieved at Grand Isle (near to Sandals Resort)
Harbour View
BUY YOUR DREAM VACATION HOME If you enjoy your vacation why not buy your dream home? The process is very straight forward and in a short time you can make your dream come true. We have several realtors ready to help, or stop the car and inquire where you see a "For Sale" sign
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